The Law Offices of Brandon Dorsky provides strategic legal advice and risk management consultation for a variety of industries and concerns, with a particular affinity for counseling those participating in the global cannabis, hemp, content, art, fashion and music marketplaces, including entertainers, musicians, content creators and distributors, designers, talent managers, event producers, multi-media artists, brand ambassadors, fashion companies, counter-culture product manufacturers, emerging brands, and entities and individuals involved in hemp and cannabis commerce, including licensees, applicants, start-up companies, cultivators, breeders, cannabis influencers, scientists and more.   


In addition to offering comprehensive strategies for leveraging intellectual property assets, Dorsky authors progressive and evolving contracts for the management, exploitation, distribution or other manipulation of intellectual property.   Brandon Dorsky also serves as Of Counsel as an intellectual property specialist for Frontera Law Group, California’s largest cannabis law firm.