“I feel extremely fortunate to have come across Brandon Dorsky. He is a passionate, driven, and very strategic attorney. When you hire him, you can guarantee you have taken the right steps to succeed. With his ‘one step ahead’ approach and genuine attention to detail, he is unparalleled. He is not one to rush into litigation, but will go to trial if necessary. His savviness has proved invaluable to countless clients in the cannabis and entertainment space. For your legal needs, you can consider Brandon one of the most important contacts you’ll ever have.”  — Margaret Wilson

“Brandon is a staunch ally.   For years he’s fought for what was legally evident, but made near impossible by powers that be, and we prevailed.  I will continue to rely on him for whatever challenges may come.” — Alfred “Daedelus” Darlington

“Brandon helped connect the dots, knowledgeably fought for our fair share, and protected our interests. Good man, great lawyer. Our relationship will be life long, that’s saying quite a bit in the music industry.” — Jeff Maccora, Mansions On The Moon

“Brandon is the person I trust most with my copyright and trademark infringement cases. He is diligent, thoughtful, and knowledgeable and I consistently feel that he is invested in my personal, professional, and financial wellbeing. I’m lucky to work with Brandon on a regular basis and will continue to do so.” — Tuesday Bassen

“Brandon always take my calls at any time of the day and responds to text and emails no longer than a few hours after being sent.  I have found this skill of communication and response lacking heavily in the cannabis community and lawyers who say they represent this well.   With Brandon, I never have to doubt that a question is left unanswered or a solution is possible.”  — Parker Moselle 

“Brandon is an absolutely amazing attorney who has countlessly exceeded my expectations.  The personal care he puts into his work and his attention to detail ensures I always feel confident and secure with his council.” — Tshiswaka “Tk” Kayembe

“Brandon Dorsky’s wealth of knowledge time and time again goes above and beyond our expectations as his clients. Brandon tends to our needs with a friendly, timely, and professional demeanor. Furthermore, Dorsky has acted as a liaison to many invaluable business connections throughout our relationship, and has continually helped us grow as a company.” — Roxanne Dennent, Fruit Slabs

“Brandon understands every sector of the business from seed to sale, including retail, cultivation, genetics, manufacturing, distribution as well as the related compliance and ancillary products and seems to know many of the players through his own robust network.  His second nature understanding of the the cannabis and entertainment industries and the associated lifestyles which seem to cross often, gives [him] a unique advantage to strategize proactively with respect to general business strategy, marketing, and IP(Intellectual Property) strategies surrounding these businesses without any handholding from a client like myself. M any attorneys want to practice in the blooming Cannabis sector and the popular entertainment sector but don’t have the necessary skills, background, experience, and network to execute without handholding from their clients.  Most importantly I value Brandon’s unwavering ethics and dedication to his practice and the oath he’s taken as well as the honest and caring human he is and the fact that he goes above and beyond for me with respect to his time, sense of urgency, as well as thoughtful and detailed execution on all projects and most importantly he calls it like it is and doesn’t sugar coat much especially when he disagrees with my decisions…. His kind and sacrificial nature is refreshing but so is the fact that he won’t be pushed over or concede easily to anyone or anything.   As I’ve said often he’s an amazing attorney but not just an attorney. Brandon is a robust agent to his clients and their businesses considering the doors he opens.”  — Art Isagholian, Hawthorne Gardening Company/Traphicanna