Law Offices of Brandon Dorsky works with intellectual property creators, owners and licensors in a variety of disciplines and paradigms to facilitate intellectual property creation, registration, portfolio development, licensing, management and other forms of exploitation.  Armed with an appreciation and fascination for entertainment and the process of creation, the firm offers services specifically tailored to the unique talents and proclivities of musicians, producers, directors, models, artists, actors, designers, developers and other talent. 

Brandon Dorsky began his career in entertainment nearly a decade prior to becoming an attorney, first working as a DJ, record-store clerk and talent buyer for a local concert venue.  After heavily immersing himself in the music community, Brandon turned his eye toward audio-visual content creation and executive produced the documentary “Last Cup: Road to the World Series of Beer Pong.”  Shortly after the release of Last Cup, Dorsky launched his legal career as an attorney and intellectual property litigator at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw & Pittman, gaining experience negotiating deals and settlements with DirecTV, Medtronic and other owners of large intellectual property portfolios before launching his own practice to represent individuals and companies more closely associated with the creative process.

If you are seeking counsel that appreciates and values the sacrifices and risks that creative talent confronts in their pursuit of manifesting dreams into reality, contact Law Offices of Brandon Dorsky.

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