Law Offices of Brandon Dorsky represents clients in the legal cannabis marketplace, providing strategic counsel and invaluable advice to those looking to operate their cannabis business with an eye toward an expansive future while simultaneously complying with state and local laws.   The firm represents parties in the cannabis market in virtually all facets, including cultivators, processors, extractors, retailers, delivery services, biomass specialists, cannabis content creators, hardware companies, grow services entities, edible brands, genetic banks and more.

Law Offices of Brandon Dorsky began providing services to the cannabis industry in 2009, beginning with the organization and launch of the counter-culture brand Grassroots California and the securing of deals with High Times and multiple young cannabis entities.   In the decade since, Dorsky has represented individuals and companies participating in all aspects of the industry, from seed to sale and flower to ash, including cannabis cultivators, processors, applicants, licensees, product manufacturers and cannabis influencers.

If you are seeking counsel that understands the history, nuances and obstacles of operating and sustaining a legal cannabis business, contact Law Offices of Brandon Dorsky for a consultation today.

Cannabis Clients